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Arginine peel Spa Equipments Price: Rs.600 per sitting

Arginine peeling is one of the types of chemical peelings, which rejuvenates and moisturize skin, possesses mild peeling action and prevents the development of inflammatory process. Superficial peeling functions at the level of the horny layer of skin covering. Thanks to modern compositions, which have quality and safety assurance, brightening, softening and mosturizing of skin, curing of acne eruption and other options are available. Many patients of cosmetic offices noticed the progress right after the first procedure: velvetiness, flatness and elasticity of skin peeped out. Arginine is an active component of chemical peeling, included into various programs of post-peeling and daily facial skin treatment. The peels with arginine often include lactic, mandelic and glycolic acids that favor solving definite skin problems.

  • The main indications for the use of arginine peel are: .
  • Couperosis
  • - Lop-sided pigmentation
  • Acne
  • Hyper-sensitive skin
  • Melasma (age-related pigmentation)
  • Lentigo (small geratic pigment spots)
  • Tired, asphyctic skin
  • Static wrinkles while small-wrinkle aging.
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  • Category:Hair Transplant,Complexian Improvement,scar improvement,pimple treatment
Available Colors: red blue green yellowbrown
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