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Hair Transplant

Strip method(FUT): involves cutting of strip of skin form the back of the scalp .Then sutures are put the hair roots are then dissected and planted on bald area. It leaves a scar which is visible when u shaves your head. In This method there is excessive blood loss, Sutures and scar. FUE(follicular Unit Extraction):The FUE procedure can also obtain grafts that can be then placed into a donor site scar from a prior procedure. DHT(Direct hair transplant) : the hair roots are directly extracted from the back of the scalp and transplanted on the bald area. It is the latest technique and safe. No scar - No suture - No excessive blood loss - No side effects. .

Become Bald to Bold with in a day.

Only Hair follicles are removed.

  • No Excess Blood Loss
  • No Scar
  • Real Growing Hair.
  • No body knows you got surgery done
  • No bed rest
  • Drive back home
  • No Skin is Cut
  • No Cuts
  • No Stitches

Hair Transplant is the only best method to Regain back your hair with out any pain.

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